River Birch

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River Birch

Postby stephanmoll » Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:50 pm

River birch; Chapel Hill; cut down in July; lay in the woods for 4 ½ months, exposed to N.C. weather, uncovered and unprotected. Incredible, what spalting figures arise. The wood also has a glimmer to it – unable to photograph that – one needs to move the wood around to see it; wonder what structures in the wood create that. I love working with river birch and being surprised at the patterns I find.

River birch, 8'', rough turned

River birch, 8''; Seal-a-Cell finish

River birch, 8''; Seal-a-Cell finish

River birch; Seal-a-Cell finish
Stephan Moll
Chapel Hill
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Re: River Birch

Postby normcloutier » Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:20 pm

Nice job. Looks like you caught that log in the nick of time. Any longer and the spalting might have turned the whole thing into cork.
I have turned some river birch we recently got from Bob Reuss, but I've not seen it spalted. That piece looks like many of the spalted maple pieces I've turned, however, without the ambrosia beetle holes.
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