Mimosa (Silktree)

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Mimosa (Silktree)

Postby stephanmoll » Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:20 pm

At the WGNC raffle at the end of 2014 I won a mimosa turning blank, provided by Mike Smith. The wood is from Florida. For me it was an exotic wood; and a relatively large blank, leading to a turned 10’’ bowl. The wood has an interesting, lively structure (image). Great thing is this: while the bowls I have turned so far are decorative (that start to clutter our chimney mantelpiece and bookshelves) rather than utilitarian, before Christmas I suddenly saw this bowl used by my mother-in-law, filled with nuts for the Christmas season. My first ever turned piece that has a function. Yeah!

Mimosa, FL; 10''; clear Seal-a-Cell finish

Mimosa, FL; 10''; clear Seal-a-Cell finish
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Re: Mimosa (Silktree)

Postby chrisboerner.com » Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:49 pm

Hi Stephen! Really pretty bowl and very cool your mother-in-law wanted to use it for some Christmas-season nuts! I have only turned Mimosa once and it was a small decorative bowl, not as pretty a grain as yours. The color in yours makes me want to find some more Mimosa and try another piece! Appreciate you sharing your pictures and perspective. The Seal-a-Cell oil seems to work very well on it to give a nice satin finish.
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