Sapele Mahogany platter from cut-offs

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Sapele Mahogany platter from cut-offs

Postby normcloutier » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:02 pm

Several months ago I picked up a handful of oddly-shaped Sapele Mahogany cutoffs from the bin at Klingspor.

They were all wedge-shaped and from various batches of the wood, but for $1-$1.50 each I just had to pick up a handful.

After experimenting with several designs, I settled on this fan arrangement with some Avodire veneers I had lying around to highlight the different mahogany grain patterns.
Ready for glue-up

I finally got around to gluing up the blank last week, and turning the blank on Sunday at the NC State CraftsCenter -- since my garage was FREEZING.

Here it is with a quick coat of mineral oil to show the grain, sanded with just 150. I'll sand it further later and finish it with a tongue oil or seal-a-cell.
Complete, unfinished, but with a coat of mineral oil

This time-lapse capture is of 5-second intervals. The sanding I did was with 180 grit only. I will sand more later before finishing. The wood was quite dry so I'm not too concerned about movement.
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