‪Workshop: “The McNaughton Bowl Coring System”

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‪Workshop: “The McNaughton Bowl Coring System”

Postby stephanmoll » Sat May 23, 2015 10:09 pm

On Saturday afternoon, May 23rd, 2015 Michael McCurley, WGNC from Durham, offered a workshop-session in his wood-working shop, entitled “The McNaughton Bowl Coring System”. Mike and 3 WGNC members spent 4 instructive hours together.

First, Mike cored a large hickory bowl blank, showing the audience how to use the tool and creating 4 bowls. Then, one of the guest’s maple blank was cored with hands-on experience for the audience, with the creation of 3 bowls. Throughout the afternoon there was a lot of discussion about not only coring technique, but also woodturning in general. Mike willingly shared his knowledge and experience.

Further Resources
• Mike and the WGNC have put a bowl coring demo at the monthly WGNC meeting from April 2013 on YouTube, so anybody interested can watch and learn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2ctXWQAAZk
• A DVD from Mike Mahoney is available that also explains in detail the use of the McNaughton Coring system. It is available in the WGNC library and can be checked out during the monthly WGNC meetings; it is also available for purchase ($ 29.98) through different vendors – example: http://bit.ly/1PEuyDV
• The coring set costs $ 389.95 for the “Standard system”- http://bit.ly/1HCok31. One needs to pay attention what set to buy, as different sets exist, depending on the size of the bowls to be cored and, thus, the size of the needed blades - bowls 15’’ and smaller: “Standard system”; bowls 19’’ and smaller: “Jumbo system”; bowls 10’’ and smaller: “Mini system”.

McNaughton Coring system for rent through WGNC
Following Mike McCurley’s suggestion, the WGNC has purchased a McNaughton Coring system that is available for WGNC members for rent for $ 25.00 for 1 month at a time. Mike McCurley has – and I want to highlight this – also built a nice, sturdy wooden box for this rental equipment. The Mike Mahoney DVD is also in the box.

I came away from the workshop with the following conclusions:
The McNaughton Coring system…
• seems very worthwhile to have, to be able to make a set of several bowls out of a bigger wooden bowl blank;
• seems fairly easy to use.
• I want to have one!

The afternoon was very worthwhile. Thank you very much, Mike McCurley, for (a) having held the workshop, (b) your hospitality, (c) your activity having gotten the WGNC to buy the system for rent for its members, (d) having built the nice wooden box that goes with the tool.

Mike McCurly coring a bowl

Beautiful poplar bowls created by Mike McCurley with the McNaughton system

Plenty of woodturning discussions during the afternoon...

The WGNC treasure box - for rent at the monthly meeting (foreground; box with handle)
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