Sword for 11-yr-old

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Sword for 11-yr-old

Postby normcloutier » Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:00 pm

So after a recent market showing I got an email asking if I could make a wooden sword. I replied that I had never tried one, but using a dueling foil as a model I had seen them done on the lathe before. I'll spare you the pricing discussion that went on via email until the boy's mother jumped in and revealed for the first time that I was having an exchange with an 11-yr-old and that she apologized for his negotiations and lack of understanding.

I laughed because until that pint I had no idea I was dealing with a child. I told the mother it was not a problem and that I had special 11-yr-old pricing and that I would make something out of scraps for him.

Here's what I came up with. The blade and hilt are just poplar -- hard enough to work but soft and light enough for a child to safely swing. Using my skew to get a smooth taper across 24" was rather interesting. It's a heavy 3/8" at the tip for strength and rounded to avoid taking an eye out. The "bowl" is literally that, an old cherry bowl that had a failed foot and was looking to be saved from the firewood pile. I added a piece of hard maple at the bowl/blade joint to stiffen it and complete the curve. I also decided to add a marble "jewel" in the end of the hilt. It's all sanded to 220 and given a good coat of sanding sealer. The blade end has a 7/8" tenon that fits into the hilt about 3" deep. I have not glued it yet in case I need to resize the hilt diameter for a smaller hand.
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