Workshop in Bailey, NC 2015: Sawing wood and creating wood b

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Workshop in Bailey, NC 2015: Sawing wood and creating wood b

Postby stephanmoll » Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:33 pm

A great sunny autumn day in rural North Carolina; a very worthwhile, instructive and fun 3 hour workshop hosted by Mike Smith in Bailey, NC. Saturday, Nov 14th, 2015. What a great, relaxing way to spend a day.

Mike showed the 6 WGNC members who had traveled to Bailey how to cut tree trunks with a sawmill, a portable "Wood Mizer" that had been brought onto his property by Bailey resident Justin. We cut three tree trunks into heavy 3’’ thick boards: an ambrosia maple, an ambrosia sycamore, and a spalted holly.

Fascinating: the beautiful and delicate and always unique wood structures that emerge when the tree trunk is cut and the inside opens up. Spellbinding. Mike says this suspense and the thrilling discovery of the uncovered wood structures and colors is his favorite part about working with wood. I can see why.

After having cut the logs into boards, we took one of them (holly) into Mike’s open-air, but roofed-over wood processing area in the middle of his immense collection of wood blanks that fill shelves to the top and that he sells to local stores, woodturning clubs and their members, craft show attendants, and interested internet buyers ( Mike cut the board into square blocks, waxed the ends and we discussed the various steps of this wood processing, as well as a number of other wood topics.

A very instructional, interesting and enjoyable visit. Thank you very much, Mike.

Stephan Moll
Chapel Hill
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